Business English
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Adverbs of Manner and Viewpoint

Here are some examples of adverbs which we saw in the reading text:

A: The price can fluctuate wildly.
B: Should you keep your money safely in the bank.
C: Cryptocurrency is considered to be a highly risky investment.
D: Eventually, you pay off your student debts and you have some savings.

Adverbs that describe a sentence

When we put an adverb the beginning of a sentence, such as the word eventually in sentence D, it often shows a point of view about the entire sentence. Other adverbs that are used in this way are fortunately, unfortunately, basically, realistically and so on.

Adverbs of manner are usually (but not always) spelled with -ly. Make sure to use the adverb when you describe a verb or adjective and an adjective when you describe a noun:

George is an efficient worker.
George works efficiently.