An Intermediate-level Business English Course (CEFR B1-B2)

This resource is for teachers of business English to use with their students.

This is the online version of the course, suitable for use with a smartboard, or for online lessons.

The PDF version can be downloaded here, and is free to print and distribute.

The answer key for the various activities is available here. The audio clips for the course can be accessed from this page.

Unit 1
Getting to Know You
Unit 2
Giving Opinions
Unit 3
Products and Services
Unit 4
Have a Good Trip
Unit 5
Rules and Regulations
Unit 6
Not Another Meeting?
Unit 7
Never Enough Time
Unit 8
Working With Others
Unit 9
Presenting Your Ideas
Unit 10
Writing and Reports
Unit 11
Saving the Planet
Unit 12
Analyzing Information
Unit 13
Unit 14
Idiomatic Language
Unit 15
Company Structure and Operations
Unit 16
Comparing and Contrasting
Unit 17
Communicating in the Office
Unit 18
Health and Safety
Unit 19
Conversation Functions
Unit 20
Cause and Effect