Job Interviews
Instructions (Student A)

Explain to your partner that you are going to interview them for a job. You will have eight questions to ask them and then you will decide whether they are sutitable for the job.

The job you are going to interview your partner for is:



  1. Do you like to help people?
  2. Where did you study Medicine?
  3. Are you a good listener?
  4. Are you a patient person?
  5. Which hospitals have you worked at before?
  6. What do you specialize in?
  7. What is the best part of being a doctor?
  8. What is the hardest part of being a doctor?



  1. Are you physically fit?
  2. How well do you know the law?
  3. Do you have a criminal record?
  4. Are you good at handling tough situations?
  5. Can you drive?
  6. Where did you work before this?
  7. Cybercrime is on the rise. Are you computer literate?
  8. Why do you want to become a police officer?



  1. How good are you with computers?
  2. What computer languages do you know?
  3. Have you ever made a website?
  4. Can you work long hours?
  5. What did you study at school?
  6. What are your favorite websites?
  7. When did you first start programming computers?
  8. Apart from computers, what else are you interested in?



  1. What are your favorite animals?
  2. Are there any animals that you are afraid of?
  3. Which animals have you worked with before?
  4. Can you handle dangerous animals, such as lions?
  5. Are you good at handling members of the public?
  6. Have you worked at a zoo before?
  7. Where did you learn about animals?
  8. Apart from animals, what are your other interests?



  1. Are you a smooth talker?
  2. What kind of things have you sold before?
  3. What was your biggest sale?
  4. Are you good at telesales?
  5. What is your sales technique?
  6. What is your favorite car?
  7. How many cars can you sell per week?
  8. Do you often give customers a discount?

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