Resources for Teachers

Free English Test (CEFR)

A free 20-minute test that will find a learner's CEFR level.

Text Analysis Tool

If you have a soft copy of a text that you wish to use as a reading exercise with your ESL students, you can use the Text Analyzer to:

PDF Collection

Handouts and worksheets from

Video Lessons

A collection of video-based lessons that your students will love

Graphics and Infographics

Useful for classes or simply for posting on Facebook!

Gallery of Idiom Cards
Bloom's revised taxonomy
Word roots: VIS
Word roots: TRI
Word roots: PHIL
CEFR Levels

Free ESL Units

A collection of free-to-use ESL mini-units.

Warm-up Conversation Questions

A collection of 100 warm-up conversation questions that you can use with your smartboard.

Conversation Question Sets

50 sets of conversation questions on different topics that you can use with your smartboard.

The Grammar Glossary

A stylish glossary of grammar terms

Classroom Trivia Game

Project this on your smartboard and you have an instant ESL Trivia game

Smartphone Games and Activities for the ESL Classroom

A series of games and activities that your ESL students can do on their smartphones

French Connections

A slideshow featuring English words that are similar in French

The Training Glossary

A stylish glossary of terms used in training. Good for people on a train-the-trainer course

Create Backwards Text

Enter text into the box and copy and paste the backwards version

Word List: Describing the Stock Market

A short vocabulary list generated from authentic sources

Word List: Describing Figurative Language

Defines commonly confused words, such as idiom, slang, jargon

Quiz Creator Tool

Create your own quiz and host it on RoadToGrammar. No log in necessary!

CEFR Level Descriptors

A reference page for the CEFR Level descriptors