Unit 9

Sentence Stress Task:

In each of the following sentences, mark the words which are stressed

(Other answers may be possible)

1 The sky is rather grey today.
2 A good dish takes time to cook.
3 He sailed forth in a great ship.
4 He’s a diligent worker, but sometimes stubborn.
5 A good boss cares about all of his employees.
6 Deadlines will be missed and clients may get upset.
7 I like people who mind their own business.
8 We need to get the photocopier fixed as soon as possible.
9 Try to speak at the right pace.
10 Many of us have problems with productivity.




Suggested answers

Tip 1: Make a plan at the beginning of each day
Rationale: Planning early saves time later
Tip 2: ‘Singletask’; don’t multitask
Rationale: You get more work done by focusing on one thing at a time
Tip 3: Delegate tasks
Rationale: You can then focus on things you do best

The Big Picture

1 The speaker began by asking a series of questions. Why do you think she did this?

To garner the audience’s attention

2 The talk is divided into five parts. How are these five parts structured?
3 points

3 “My first tip is this...”
This is a useful sentence starter or ‘signpost’. What other sentence starters did you hear?
My second piece of advice is…

4 “Make a list of must-do items.”
This sentence is written as an imperative - a direct command. Why does the speaker do this?
A: It sounds more forceful

5 How does the speaker end the talk and why does she choose this method?
By asking the audience to consider using the tips in their work. She does this to emphasise the importance of what she has said.

Unit 10

Grammar Task:

Change these sentences into passive voice:

1 I must finish this project before May.
This project must be finished before May.

2 You should take minutes at every meeting.
Minutes should be taken before every meeting.

3 We could replace the logo with something more modern.
The logo could be replaced with something more modern.

4 You can eat these biscuits.
These biscuits can be eaten.

5 We must report this to the authorities.
This must be reported to the authorities.

6 You should check these figures one more time.
These figures should be checked one more time.

7 Someone could easily steal these paintings.
These paintings could easily be stolen.

8 People can edit the webpage.
The webpage can be edited.

9 You can cook the product in the microwave or in the oven.
The product can be cooked in the microwave or in the oven.

10 We should arrange a meeting between the two parties.
A meeting between the two parties should be arranged.

Unit 11

Grammar Task 1

(Alternative answers may be possible)

1 Have you ever _________ organic food?

2 Have you ever _________ your own vegetables?

3 Have you ever _________ an electric car?

4 Have you ever _________ money to a charity that helps the environment?

5 Have you ever _________ a bus to work?

6 Have you ever _________ a bicycle to work?

7 Have you ever _________ your own bag to the supermarket?

8 Have you ever _________ to use less electricity per month?

9 Have you ever _________ second-hand clothes?

10 Have you ever _________ about ways that you can help the environment?



Task 1

Based on the listening, are the following statements TRUE or FALSE?

1 The speaker is introducing a scheme for renting motorcycles.

2 He claims that his product is fun.

3 ____ One of the selling points is safety.

4 GreenCycles are available in more than one colour.

5 The speaker claims that GreenCycle is a unique service.

The Big Picture:

1 How did the speaker structure his pitch?
A) By talking about economic benefits, social benefits and advantages over the competition.

Unit 12

Looking at context

(Alternative answers may be possible)

1 Secondly, I’d like to talk about how globalisation has impacted the local IT sector.
Business presentation

2 Recommendations will be given on how to improve the current system.
Business report

3 At only 9.99 per month, it’s a steal!

4 I’m quite an ambitious person and I think you can see that by the promotions I received at my current company.
At an interview

5 Let’s say we confirm a larger order; would that allow you to bring the price down?

6 This is the Finance Department. You’ll need to submit your claims here.
Showing someone around the office on their first day at work

7 If you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to call me at 011-2783 7234.

8 Want me to get you something while I’m out?
Two friends in an office

9 We plan to have it on the market by mid-November.
Product demonstration/presentation

10 In other developments, the Finance Minister continues to refuse to resign
News on television

11 The next item on the agenda is the upcoming telecommunications conference.
Formal meeting

12 I’ve been a loyal customer for many years now. However, recently, ...
Letter of complaint

Words matter

1 This is a difficult task.
A: negative

2 This is a challenging task.
A: positive

3 There is an aroma in the air.
A: positive

4 There is a stench in the air.
A: negative

5 Sara is outgoing.
A: positive

6 Sara is loud.
A: negative

7 Jerry is a really unique person.
A: positive

8 Jerry is a really bizarre person.
A: negative

9 This hotel looks pretty cheap.
A: negative

10 The budget airlines can be really cost-effective.
A: positive


Emphatic words

(Alternative answers are possible)

1 Mary is a nice girl.
Mary is a lovely girl.

2 What a good book!
What a wonderful book!

3 It’s an old temple.
It’s an ancient temple.

4 He said loudly, “Help me!”
He yelled, “Help me!”

5 This is an interesting programme.
This is a fascinating programme.

6 The event was a success.
The event was a triumph.

7 I’m hungry.
I’m starving.

8 Our new office building is very big.
Our new office building is massive.

9 This little chip can hold 80 terabytes of data.
This tiny chip can hold 80 terabytes of data.

10 It’s surprising that your CEO can speak five languages fluently.
It’s amazing that your CEO can speak five languages fluently.