Unit 19, Activity 1

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Warm-up Activity

Read through the following eight conversation snippets and label each one with one of the descriptions that follow.

Snippet 1

Jake: Do you think I have a chance of getting a raise soon?
Joe: Oh, sure. The way you messed up the Jones case, I’m sure they’ll double it.

Snippet 2

Sarah: Wow, Tom, you were really tough in those negotiations.
Tom: Well, y’know, that’s why they call me the ‘Tom-inator’.

Snippet 3

Alison: Would you like to have a look round our new offices before we begin?
Enrico: No, let’s get straight to business. I want to discuss the upcoming deadline.

Snippet 4

Antonio: What did you think of our presentation?
Meredith: It was, er... interesting. But I think maybe you could provide more statistics the next time.

Snippet 5

Ralph: Get me the Carson file and tell Julie to see me.
Adam: Sure.

Snippet 6

Ed: Mr. Murakami, I’m so glad you could make it today.
Mr Murakami: It’s my pleasure. I thought it best if we spoke face-to-face.

Snippet 7

Wayne: Would it be okay if I got Julie to do the report?
Mario: Well, I suppose it’s alright.

Snippet 8

Sheila: Oh my God, what an awful meeting.
Mary: Your meeting didn’t go well?


a The first speaker was speaking to a subordinate.
b The second speaker was paraphrasing.
c The second speaker seemed to be no-nonsense.
d The second speaker was very indirect.
e The second speaker used sarcasm.
f The first speaker was speaking to a superior.
g The first speaker was speaking to a client.
h The second speaker made a pun.